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A network of Smile Bar studios in the market for cosmetic teeth whitening since 2013. Our network is more than 40 studios working in Ukraine and in Europe. We have developed and certified an innovative system of cosmetic teeth whitening. The main component of the system is a whitening gel, which is produced in Ukraine.
Our system regularly performs hundreds of safe and painless teeth whitening procedures, the procedure is 100% cosmetic.
The teeth whitening system in Smile Bar studios is a harmless and painless technology for cosmetic teeth whitening, based on a gel containing two types of active ingredients: carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.
Under the influence of LED lamps of cold blue light, the active components of the gel react and contribute to the gentle and deep cleansing of tooth enamel.
The Smile Bar bleaching system does not damage the enamel and does not affect the structure and strength of the teeth! The gel contains components that help strengthen tooth enamel!
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Отбеливание зубов в студии Smile Bar

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Express whitening
resistance up to 2-3 months
15 minutes
Lux whitening
30 minutes
Premium Whitening
45 minutes
resistance to 12 months
resistance to 5-6 months
A snow-white smile is now available to everyone
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Cosmetic teeth whitening system in Smile Bar studios
Our system is a harmless and painless technology for cosmetic teeth whitening, which includes:
- Whitening gels containing three types of main active ingredients: carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide or sodium bicarbonate.
- LED lamp with extremely cold blue light.
- Disposable client kit for a safe teeth whitening session.

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