Why are fangs yellower than other teeth?

Looking at his smile in front of the mirror, many will notice that our fangs are yellower than other teeth. Color of fangs depends of features of their structure.
Many people believe that enamel gives those colors. But it is untruth. Enamel itself has transparency and light transmittance. Yellowish or grayish tinge, the teeth are provided by the tissue located under the enamel - dentin.
Why are fangs yellower than other teeth? During a long time, the fangs served a person to tear food and take a bite out of large pieces, small in size portions. To fulfill their purpose, the fangs must be strong then other teeth. It’s natural that it is conceived that the dentin layer on the fangs is slightly thicker than on the other teeth and has a higher degree of mineralization. It makes our fangs stronger.
And if the color of your fangs is too different from other teeth and it creates some discomfort, we are waiting for you to whiten at Smile Bar and this problem will be solved.
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