Sensitive Teeth Whitening

In Smile Bar is often asked the question: is it possible to whiten my teeth with hypersensitivity?

With various damages of enamel (cracks, chips, thinning), through the structural parts of the dentin, the irritant (cold or hot drinks, sweet, etc.) penetrates to the nerve endings of the tooth and causes unpleasant sensations.

With this problem, cosmetic whitening is the best solution. The concentration of the whitening component of the gel, which can become an irritant for sensitive teeth, is much less than in professional whitening. This kind of whitening is more safely for enamel.

Enamel fluoridation carried out additionally In Smile Bar. It strengthens teeth and eliminates the symptoms of hypersensitivity.

Smile Bar experts recommend: ⠀
• Visit the dentist regularly; have professional teeth brushing to remove the tartar.
• To do remineralization of tooth enamel after whitening.
• Use dento cosmetics that will strengthen and heal your enamel.
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