Self teeth whitening

It is whole truth about self-contained home teeth whitening.
Tooth whitening at home is procedure that will be cheaper for you, but you will run into serious risks.
Keep in mind that whitening using the most popular "folk" methods can lead to problems with tooth enamel and even tooth loss.
Baking soda is one of the most famous and dangerous methods of whitening. Soda can have an aggressive effect and damages the enamel because leaving the tooth defenseless against external factors.
Citric acid is an absurd recommendation that is passed to social media groups. In fact, it spoils the enamel and the effects will be the opposite - teeth will begin to darken.
Activated carbon is other well-known kind of whitening. However, it should be used very carefully - activated carbon is quite aggressive and can be dangerous for the structure of the enamel in large quantities.
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