How to keep teeth whitish after whitening

It is important to understand that your teeth need a good care after whitening. It will help to safe the effect from procedure during long time.
We have some advice for you that help to keep your teeth white longer:
• in the first 48 hours after procedure prohibited to use products that can affect of the tooth enamel color ( drinks with dyes, coffee, black tea, chocolate, wine, berries with rich color - black currant, blueberries, blackberries). After that, should just minimize this products;
• Don’t smoke, or reduce the number of cigarettes;
• Thoroughly brush your teeth 2-3 times during the day;
• Use dental floss;
• Have a dentist clean your teeth regularly;
• Use a rinse after eating.

If you follow this simple advice, your teeth will be white a long time.
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