5 myths about cosmetic teeth whitening

Myth 1. This is very expensive.
Cosmetic tooth whitening is cheaper, than medical teeth whitening. But, at the same time, it is more secure and more effective.

Myth 2. It is harmful to the teeth.
Our gel contains moderate concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide, which don’t damage the enamel. Cosmetic whitening is safe and harmless, with simple rules.

Myth 3. It hurts.
Cosmetic whitening doesn’t lead to pain. After all, the procedure doesn’t damage the enamel, just only cleans it from the collected pigments.

Myth 4. The effect of cosmetic whitening isn’t noticeable.
The effect of cosmetic whitening is impressed. Up to 12 tones can be reached.

Myth 5. The effect of whitening isn’t long.
With a "white" diet, the effect after whitening may be safe during the year. It is not only to use coloring products.
But even if the lifestyle does not allow you to follow all these advice, the effect will be safe for at least six months.
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